When you come to us, we keep you involved at every opportunity.


For your individual items, we consider the function, size, how it will fit in with its intended environment.


When designing and manufacturing our batch produced items, the main interest is the function and the ergonomics. Because if it doesn't work or fit with you, well, what's the point?




Our aim is to offer our customers a unique range of furniture which will stand out in any home or garden


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Will's Story


I spent my childhood watching my father creating all sorts of items around our home. He was a welder and could create in almost any material he was given.


From school through to University I gravitated towards manufacture , studying Design and Technology.



Product Areas


We have a few options for any customers and we aim to please on each one.


Batch Production

During a week we set time aside for creation of a small number of similar items, this is known as batch production. These items are usually aimed at accenting your home in the form of candle holders, blackboards, shelving and organisers, and keyring to name a few.



One-off Produced

Every now and again inspiration hits for a product. These ideas are usually tested with prototyping. Rather than working on each individual part we prefer to create full units.


Sometimes we have the opportunity to take existing products and revamp them through Up-Cycling. Up-Cycling is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.


Bespoke Commission Orders

We love when customers come to us with a specific idea they have, whether art work, furniture, present (for any occasion), or storage. This is a short list of examples, but if you have something you wish to be made. Contact us and we will aim to work to your specifications and budget.


Up-cycling Options

As mentioned before Up-Cycling is the process of transforming existing items. This has been done by us with furniture, storage, and more. We can refinish, colour, stain, reimagine, or d├ęcoupage (which is refinishing surfaces by pasting items to them and sealing them in.).


We can do this with your existing furniture or furniture bought from retailers like IKEA and Wilkos for example. We can refinish for any room, from living rooms to your childs bedroom matching a theme.



Recently I have designed a small range of consumable products. The first is a range of Wood Treatments, a Wood Butter and a Wood Conditioner. They can both be used on wood kitchen utensils safely as well as a great finisher for any home projects. Whether home craft carpentry or refinishing a piece of furniture.

The second is an eco firefighter I call Wood Cakes due to the way I make them (also not the edible kind). They are made from my waste products and repurposed to be useful, rather than being thrown away and ending up in a land fill somewhere. Once lit, they can burn for up to 5 minutes each so are a great way to start your home fire or BBQ.

Formally established in 2016, IR8 is a bespoke crafts based business, that forms reclaimed woods, materials, and products into works of art and furnishings.

Based in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. We can taylor all projects to meet your requirements.